D-Real and HighRolla teamed up and created one of the most unique independent albums out in 2013 entitled “On Top Of Thangs”
Deonte Davis (aka D-Real) Was born and raised in Chicago IL. He moved to Nashville TN in 2006 And auditioned for American Idol, He made it all the way to the group finals ! HighRolla was born and raised in Nashville TN and has made a name for himself around the country with his music. His prior releases include “Chess Moves 1&2″, and also “Chess Moves Nation Wide 1&2″ He also recorded mixed and mastered albums for JellyRoll, Haystak, Worm, Rehab Get Money, Lil Wyte, Roach, Kwik Money, Lil Blaze, and many other
TN artists. HighRolla met up with D-Real in 2009 at Black Fly Studios, In Madison TN., D-Real went to prison shortly after that. He was Released Christmas eve of 2012 and found HighRolla and they immediately began working on the “On Top Of Thangs” album. When you listen to this album you will see and hear the unbelievable chemistry between the two artists. HighRolla said publicly that he believes this to be the best album he¬ís done thus far in his career! They recently shot a video to the song called, “Coulda Had It Made” A motivational Song about a young single mother thats had a rough life. They have four more videos on the schedule to be shot over the next three months.. There are also talks about recording another album together soon depending on the response from this one.


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