“Chess Moves Nation Wide” Is the newest series under the “Chess Moves” brand, created by Nashville’s own HighRolla ! Just a month after HighRolla released his long awaited cd “Chess Moves 2″ for free, He moved quickly into the next phase of what he calls “The Chess Moves Plan”… HighRolla, David Ray, and LeeLee recorded hooks for 18 different beats, Then HighRolla found 30 different artists from around the U.S. and sent them all the same 18 beats to pick from, They all picked there beats first come first serve, and were given 14 days to get there vocals back to HighRolla, to mix them within the song !! Everyone met the deadline, and really represented there city and state incredibly well . The final product is the mixtape entitled “Chess Moves Nation Wide”!!
There are talks of a “Nation Wide vol. 2″ mixtape, Rolla said he will possibly begin working on it as early as 1 month after the release of Vol.1. This whole idea really gives artists around the country a chance to work with other artists they may have never heard of, or met if it wasnt for this project, It is connecting A large number of heavy hitting artists together, all across the country and forming a more solid network in the underground industry. Rolla was quoted saying ” Its basically great for every body, Nation Wide will bring artists from all over the country together, and 30 voices will become 1, as we push towards the doors of recognition. They can deny us as individuals but as a unit we are unstoppable !” Look for more information as this so called “Chess Moves Plan” unfolds over the year !

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