As an artist from Nashville, TN. I have been making music since 2001. I also run a well known recording studio in Nashville called KRUSH ENTERTAINMENT. I have been  recording some of Nashville’s biggest talent for years !!!  Honestly, before I was known as an artist, I was known for mixing songs. I have worked very closely with Jelly Roll for many years and am proud to call him my friend. We been through alot together, went from being pretty much broke to building an extrememly profitable empire together.  Honestly,  I owe alot of my situation and recognition to him!  I also worked hand in hand with Lil Wyte from 3 6 Mafia for  almost a year !  Recording with him as well as touring with him and Jelly..  I’ve met so many talented artists on the road state to state .

As far as my music, I bring a different style to the table. I  believe I have a God giving gift to express my self through words. I dont really consider myself  a rapper but more of an artist. I try and make it feel like I’m talking directly to you in my verses  and talk about real life situations in my songs.  Alot of people ask how I can have songs about having money and then
on the same cd, have songs about being broke…  I think Jelly said it best.. “My cd is basicly a documentary of my life and what I was going through at that time…”  At one point of recording Chess Moves 2, I was at probably one of the lowest points in my life so thats what I made songs about. Things started getting alot better and I started making songs about ballin again, cause thats whats was really goin on… Pay attention to this next part because its the most important thing I can tell you from an artist to a fan. If you have taking the time to read this, you dont know how humbly I appreciate your time and curiosity as to my story. I believe good music will only take somebody so far, It takes each and every one of you to go out and spread the word and music to your friends! Burn my cds as many times as you’d like, give em all out, sell em, whatever you gotta do. At the end of the
day its you all that create the awareness about us artists. Without you we would honestly be nothing.

In 2012,  I am really going to be pushing this new project “Chess Moves 2.”  I have plans for shooting 9 more music videos over the course of the year to songs on the cd. Shout out to everybody that loves me, I just hope yall know I love ya back !!  Nashville underground music is my heart and soul! I love each and every artist from here that puts on for our city. If anybody needs anything from me hit me up!      -Rolla

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